Colin Wells Portraits

Ordering a portrait is easy. Simply e-mail me with the details below together with your photos for me to review. You can post the photos to me in regular mail (naturally these will be returned with the completed portrait) or on disc or e-mail as high resolution digital scans. Keep in mind for the best results I will need to see minute details, so it needs to be clear and sharp. If the photos are suitable, we will e-mail you confirming cost, expected completion date and billing and payment details. The deposit of $20 will be requested at this time and the e-mail will include details for payment. This deposit is to help cover cost for materials and is non-refundable.

Once I have completed the portrait, an image of the artwork will be made available online for your review. This is to ensure your approval before full payment is made. In the unlikely event the portrait doesn't meet with your approval, let me know what doesn't work for you and I will endeavour to match your expectations. If I am unable to do this, no further payment will be requested.

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding the photographs to ensure their suitability. For the best results use natural light where possible. Flash photography can eliminate small details that are crucial for a good likeness in the portrait. Likewise, photos in strong or low light might make it difficult for me to capture the essence of the subject. If it's a sunny day, take the photo in the shade with the sun behind the camera, but best results can be achieved with diffuse lighting, such as on a overcast day with light cloud cover.

Take the photos from less than 6 feet for a good close up of the subject unless you have a good zoom lens.

If you can, send me a few other photographs of the subject as well. This will help in getting an overall idea of personality and likeness.

As I have mentioned, there are a few details that I would need to consider for your commission. They are:

Name -

Postal address -

E-mail -

Telephone # -

Portrait size (see pricing for details of available portrait sizes) -

Age of subject/s -

Will you be posting or e-mailing the photo? -

Date the portrait is required (this is important if the portrait is intended as a gift) -

Finally, any special requests or requirements -

ABN: 377 866 369 51